The British TV Series

Michael Brandon as Lieutenant James Dempsey

Glynis Barber as Detective Sgt. Harriet Makepeace

a.k.a. Lady Harriet Alexandra Charlotte Makepeace

Ray Smith as Chief Superintendent Gordon Spikings

Tony Osoba as Detective Sgt. Chas Jarvis

Plot Summary: Lieutenant James Dempsey was a tough New York cop who got himself into a lot of trouble by killing his partner during a corruption investigation in his own Department. 

While he's waiting for things to cool down in N.Y,  Dempsey was seconded then to London's elite unit SI10, where he was assigned to work with Detective Sergeant Harriet Makepeace, under the supervision of Chief Superintendent Gordon Spikings. Dempsey was her exact opposite, being much more driven and quicker to use violence than his British colleagues.

The immediate antagonism between Dempsey and Makepeace was countered by a strong physical attraction, and while they fought continuously, they made a good, effective team.

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Welcome to this little Spanish tribute to the British TV Series "Dempsey & Makepeace" ("Como el perro y el gato" in Spanish). It´s my favourite series ever so I thought it was about time to make this webpage.

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Dm18.jpg to Dm23.jpg are courtesy of Markus´ Dempsey & Makepeace Page. Thank you very much.

Notable guest appearances:

Guest Star Episode Year
Ralph Michael Armed & Extremely Dangerous 1984
Ray Jewers Armed & Extremely Dangerous 1984
Ralph Michael Make peace, not war 1984
Zienia Merton Make peace, not war 1984
Desmond McNamara Blind Eye 1984
Ralph Michael Cry God for Harry 1984
John Terry Cry God for Harry 1984
Suzi Quatro Love you to Death 1985
Elizabeth Sladen Love you to death 1985
Amanda Pays The Hit 1985
Nick Brimble The Bogeyman 1985
Jill St. John The Burning. Part One & Two 1986
Lee Montague Jericho Scam 1986
Jack Watson Jericho Scam 1986
Clive Mantle Extreme Prejudice 1986
Mark Ryan Extreme Prejudice 1986
Nick Brimble Bird of Prey 1986
Richard Johnson Guardian Angel 1986
Kate O´Mara Guardian Angel 1986

Filming Locations

The series was completely filmed in London (Great Britain), excepting the following episodes:


There is a Dempsey & Makepeace Soundtrack called "Makepeace, not war". It was released in 1985 on Sierra Records and distributed by Wea.

It was recorded by The Southbank Orchestra and conducted by Alan Parker, the composer of the music of the series.


The following cars were used in the series by both stars:

Car Brand Model Color Season Used by
Mini Mini ------ Dark Green First Season (Episodes 1 & 2) Makepeace
Ford Escort Ford Escort 1.6i Grey First & Second Season Makepeace
Ford Escort Ford Escort 1.6i White Third Season Makepeace
Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz 320 SL White First & Second Season Dempsey
Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz 320 SL Grey Third Season Dempsey
Ford Granada Ford Granada 2.0i Grey All Seasons Spikings & Chas

Fan Fiction

This is a Fan Fiction Episode written by Stash, a true fan of Dempsey & Makepeace.
The author wants to share with us his vision of the series.
It´s in document format -Microsoft Word- (.doc). Enjoy it!!!

"Guns & Caviar"
by Stash


You can also find much information about "Dempsey & Makepeace" & the cast on: 



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